18th August 2018

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Millie Small (1964)

WIRL L/P 1016


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Sugar Plum (Millie & Owen Gray); Sit And Cry (Millie & Owen Gray); You Are The One (Millie & Roy Panton); Cherry (Millie & Roy Panton); This World (Millie & Roy Panton); Starlight (Millie & Roy Panton) // Do You Know (Millie & Owen Gray); Dearest Love (Millie & Roy Panton); I Don't Want You (Millie & Owen Gray); We'll Meet (Millie & Roy Panton); There'll Come A Day (Millie & Owen Gray)

Original Jamaican issue. The title is taken from the label and the reverse of the sleeve rather than the front cover. Released on black, green or blue vinyl. ((Click sleeve to enlarge.))

A collection of duets with Owen Gray and Roy Panton recorded between 1960 and 1963 and mostly released as singles on a variety of Coxson Dodd labels. Starlight was produced by Roy Robinson and We'll Meet was produced by Roland Alphonso; both were recorded at the Brentford Road studio and originally released on the E&R label.

"Try as she might, Millie just could not get any record promotor to give her the break she needed, until she met Mr C. S DODD of Coxon's Dramatic & Music centre who, after having her audition, signed her for two years."