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Studio One CD based on THE WAILING WAILERS vinyl reissues, but with additional tracks (Duppy Conqueror, No Sympathy, Soul Rebel, 400 Years, Kaya, Sun Is Shining, How Many Times, Lively Up Yourself, and Guajira Ska). Note that When The Well Runs Dry (listed on the sleeve and disc) is replaced by What's New Pussycat. How Many Time(s) is also known as Do You Remember.

Sound quality is reasonable good for a Studio One CD, but some tracks are dubbed from disc rather than master tape. Garth White provides effusive sleeve notes.

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Wailing Wailers (1994)

Studio One SOCD 1001

Put It On; Duppy Conqueror*; I Need You; No Sympathy; Lonesome Feeling; Ska Jerk; What's New Pussycat; Soul Rebel*; Ten Commandments Of Love; Rude Boy; 400 Years*; It Hursts To Be Alone; Kaya*; Love And Affection; Sun Is Shining*; I'm Still WAiting; Simmer Down; How Many Time; Lively Up Yourself**; Guajira Ska

* Lee Perry productions
** Wailers self-production