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Apart from the title track, which has appeared on a couple of compilations in the past (not least the recently reissued GET READY ROCK STEADY), and No Woman No Cry, which was included on the relatively obscure STUDIO ONE SALES CONFERENCE and credited just to Alphonso Stewart, all these songs are making their debut on LP/CD. Most tracks were originally issued as singles dating from the late 1960s, but several titles here are new to me and I would guess these are more recent recordings (certainly the cover photo shows Alton Brown and Alphonso Stewart in their maturity and the vocal performance on Magic Moment and Hurt My Feelings leaves a lot to be desired).

Perfect Peace is an interesting version of John Holt’s Do You Want Me (with an unknown DJ intro); Oh Donna features new vocals over the Always Together rhythm; Magic Moment versions Can I Change My Mind; and Hurt My Feelings will be more familiar as Get In The Groove.

Sound quality is uniformly good, and we even get some useful sleeve notes. More than 30 years after their first recording at Studio One the Hamlins finally get an album release. On the whole, it’s probably been worth waiting for.

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The Hamlins (2001)

Studio One SOCD 7801

Soul & Inspiration; Treasure Girl; Why You Want To Walk This Way; Time Has Come; Sentimental Reason; Everyone Got To Be There; It's No Secret; Perfect Peace; Oh Donna; No Woman No Cry; I Am Just Thinking; Magic Moment; Hurt My Feelings; Trying To Keep Me Down