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All the tracks from the original vinyl release, plus Mother In Law and Full Dread (first time on CD) from SKA AUTHENTIC1, plus You're Too Bad from the SKA-AU-GO-GO CD, plus a previously unreleased(?) ska instrumental from Johnny Moore (Skavling). We also get the original sleeve design and crisp sound quality throughout. 16 tracks; 45 minutes of classic music. Is this good value, or what?

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Various Artists (2001)

Studio One SOCD 0907

Tear Up (Roland Alphonso); My Love (Andy & Joey); President Kennedy (Roland Alphonso); Tell Me (Maytals); Can't Sit Down (Lester Sterling); Dream Dream (Gaylads); Rain Or Shine (Don Drummond); Trotting In (Tommy McCook & Roland Alphonso); Dr Kildare (Skatalites); River Bed (Gaylads); Love Abiding (Delroy Wilson); Cow And Gate (Tommy McCook); Mother In Law (Lee Perry); Full Dread (Tommy McCook); You're Too Bad (Jackie Opel); Skavling (Johnny Moore)