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Silvertones (1999)

Studio One SOLP 7796

Stop Crying; Smile; Financial Crisis (aka Have A Little Faith); Midnight Hour; True Confession; It's Real; Things Gonna Change; Young At Heart; Sufferer’s Child // Be Thankful (aka Cheating & Lying); Sweet Baby; Much Too Wise (aka Foolish Mind); What's Wrong; Get Ready; Make A Joyful Noise; Destiny

The Silvertones were undoubtedly one of the greatest harmony trios of the rock steady era. The original line-up of Delroy Denton, Gilmour Grant and Keith Coley began their recording career at Duke Reid’s Treasure Isle studio in 1965, where they cut such outstanding titles as Midnight Hour, True Confession and It’s Real. After the death of Duke Reid they moved to Lindon Pottinger’s Tip Top label, for whom they recorded Sufferer’s Child. Around 1966 they made their first recordingings for Studio One, where they enjoyed a succession of hits with Smile, Stop Crying, Young At Heart, and many other classic songs. Shortly after joining Studio One Delroy Denton emigrated, and his place was more than adequately filled by Clinton “Tennessee” Brown. The group continued performing and recording until Clinton’s untimely death on March 17th, 1999.

This excellent compilation includes songs from all periods of their career, together with some tracks previously unreleased. Things Gonna Change is a Studio One recut of Pat Kelly's classic How Long Will It Take, and Sweet Baby is a new vocal over Slim Smith's sublime Hip Hug rhythm. The vinyl album is pressed in Jamaica, and, in true Studio One fashion, comes complete with some authentic snap, crackle and pop - but not enough to spoil the enjoyment of this superlative release.

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