30th July 2012

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Various Artists (1967)

Studio One ILP SOL 9000
matrix: SOL+9000

Smile Like An Angel (Bop & The Beltones); Baby Baby (Heptones); Stop Them (Freedom Singers); Tell It To Me (Freedom Singers); Run Come (Ken Parker); You're Not The One (Soul Boys) // Do It Right (Clarendonians); You Don't Care (Slim Smith & The Gaylads); Come Along (Bassies); You Made Me Sore (Lyrics); Emily (Gaylads); Keep Walking (Slim Smith)

There has always been some confusion about the correct title for this album, and I have seen it variously referred to as FROM SKA TO ROCK STEADY, SKA-ROCK STEADY, ROCK STEADY and ROCK STEADY SKA. As a general rule of thumb I take the title from the LP label rather than from the LP sleeve, which is why I have chosen the latter title in this case (as it appears on the label of the Jamaican pressing of the LP).

This was the first issue from the much-sort-after UK 9000 series of LPs, which were released on the distinctive red & white hanging microphone label. The Jamaican pressing features the same stamped matrix number, which suggests that the UK release was the original issue.

Although the cover might suggest that this is a compilation of both Ska and Rock Steady singles, the reality is that all the tracks are rock steady rhythms. ((Click sleeve to enlarge.))