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Interesting rock-steady-era selection from Druweed on this Japan-only release. Nice picture of Jackie Mittoo on the sleeve, and with some rather more obscure photos of record decks and speaker boxes inside the annotated (in Japanese) booklet.

Not as strong a selection as ROCK A SHACKA VOL.6 or ROCKA SHACKA VOL.11, but a worthwhile purchase for tracks like Be Cool, Lee Arab (not the same the Lee Arab as on FREEDOM SOUNDS), More Soul, How Nice It Is and Jackie Mittoo's What What.

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Various Artists (2003)

Island UPCH-1280

Jamaica Underground (Sound Dimension); Be Cool (Cecille Campbell); Tom Tom (Rhythm Rebels); Sunshine Version (Dennis Alcapone); Funky Joe (Sound Dimension); I'm Gonna Get You (Chosen Few); Summer Time (Jackie Mittoo & Sound Dimension); Do Your Thing (Leroy Sibbles); Lee Arab (Sound Dimension); Still Water Version (Winston Williams); More Soul (Cedric Brooks & Sound Dimension); My Sweet Lord (Freedom Singers); My Sweet Organ (Cyclones); How Nice It Is (Merlene Webber); What What (Jackie Mittoo)