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Right out of the blue comes this new release on the long defunct Tabernacle label. High production values and excellent sound quality throughout (unlike the early Tabernacle releases), with a 16 page booklet (no less) including full lyrics! Coxsone then spoils the effect by repeating the first track twice, thus rendering the track list on the sleeve and label obsolete. Oh, well.

Now, I must confess a liking for the gospel albums, but I am fully aware that they will not be to everyone's tastes. This is not a reggae album - perhaps we could call it a 'middle-of-the-road' devotional album. I present it here for completists' sake only...

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Jimmy Tucker (2001)

Tabernacle CD 2102

The Lord Is My Shepherd; The Lord's Prayer (Caribbean Setting); He Never Failed Me Yet; Sometimes Alleluyah; Bless This House; I Walked Today Where Jesus Walked; The Holy City; Let Us Break Bread Together; Jah Is Our Keeper; No Man Is An Island; A Season Of Love; God Is Working His Purpose Out; Rise Up!