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The Jay's (2003)

Studio One SOLP 2111

The Right Feeling (Moving Away); Studio One Beat (Race Track); Cleanse Your Mind (Breaking Up); Crisis And Uprising; You'll Never Get Away (Unchained); Invaders; Think It Over (Jah Shakey) // No Sweat (Real Rock); Since You Came Along (Queen of the Minstrel); Stand Up Time (Love Me Forever); Let's Give Thanks And Praise (Drum Song); Good Love Affair (Smile); Let's Get Together (Pick Up The Pieces); The Right Solution (I Hald The Handle)

According to the sleeve notes, The Jays (Lloyd Forrest and Errol Wilson) made their first recordings at Studio One in the late 1960s, but only now has Coxsone since fit to release an album of their material. However, all the tracks here sound like recent recordings, mostly over well-used rhythms (listed above in italics). The strong and distinctive vocals, and the good choice of original rhythms, make this a very satisfying set.

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