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Ethiopian (2002)

Studio One SOLP 2106

Old Time Riddim; Mystic Man; Walkie Talkie; Done Dead Already; Rock Away; Straight On Rastafari; Want To Come Back // Cool It Amigo; Simon; Come From The Heart; Love And Pity; Owe Me No Pay Me; Free Man; Live Good

Now, I always knew this was never going to be another EVERYTHING CRASH, but I am agreeably surprised with the quality of this release. An equitable balance between new recordings and old singles (most on LP for the first time). And even the new stuff sounds pretty good (well, very good, in fact!). Leonard Dillon's distinctive vocal shines through, even after all these years.

There are 14 excellent tracks on the LP, but the sleeve notes suggest a 17 track CD might be on the way (...eventually). The cover looks great and the pressing is very clean.

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