September 2003

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Errol Dunkley (2003)

Studio One SOLP 2109

This Is My Power (I'm Just A Guy); Don't Do It (Please Don't Go); Give Love A Chance (Fight It To The Top); What A Man Sow; Give Love A Try; Love Is Amazing (Your Love Is Amazing); Don't Know Why (I Don't Know Why) // Sing About My Baby; Darling (Party Time); Black Magic Spell; Saving My Life; Pledging (Pledging My Love); Little Lady (Talkative); Make It Easy

While Errol Dunkley recorded a few titles for Studio One in the 1970s (Get Up Now, Satisfaction, Way Down Low), this is the first time that Coxsone has released a full album by the artist. And what a strange release it is - the first track is titled This Is My Power, although the lyrics clearly indicate that it should be This Is My Prayer; Errol strives to sound like Delroy Wilson and/or Dennis Brown with cover versions of Your Love Is Amazing and I Don't Know Why, but Make It Easy is actually Dennis Brown singing Make It Easy On Yourself; and, with several tracks struggling to pass the 2 minute mark (the title track is a miserly 1'40"). Nevertheless, this is an interesting set, with strong vocal performances throughout.

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