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Ethiopian (c.1980)

Studio One SOLP-0137
matrix: SOLP 0138

When Will Be The End (The Girl I Left Behind); Empty Belly (Hot Milk); Hard Times (I'm Gonna Cool It); Everything Crash // Locust; No Baptism; Won't Give Up (My Eyes); Open The Gate (Sherry)

The Ethiopians started out as a vocal duo, comprising Leonard Dillon and Stephen Taylor, who cut a number of classic tunes for Studio One in the 1960s. The duo continued to record for a variety of producers throughout the 1970s, until Taylor was tragically killed in a car accident in 1975. It was around the turn of the decade that Leonard Dillon returned to Brentford Road to record this, his major opus and neglected masterpiece. The Studio One recuts of Everything Crash and No Baptism are at least as good as the originals, while the older rhythms (in italics) sound as if they were recorded especially for the new lyrics.

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