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Latest Release from Studio One

Dona-V (2000)

Studio One SOLP-7798

Joy Will It Be (Baby Why); Brotherly Love (My Baby Is Gone); No Man Is An Island; False Captivity; Want It All (Party Time); Cry For Tomorrow (Stars) // Lady Pull Over (Your Love); The Dollar (Get In The Groove); Eyeglass Man (Ali Baba); Look Into Your Eyes (Please Be True); Slaves Blood (I Don't Know Why); Black But Comely (Me And You); Innocent Blood Flow

CD bonus tracks: Rising For A Fall; Breaking Up

Debut LP from the latest Studio One protegé, Donovan George Pinnock (aka Dona-V), which follows the now familiar format of recording new vocals over classic Brentford Road rhythms. But this time the results are a little more satisfying than some recent releases which utilise the same formula. Admittedly, Dona-V's voice is not the most accomplished in terms of technical competence or accuracy, but he more than makes up for these short-comings with a more expressive and colourful delivery. A little more Sing-Jay than Dee-Jay.

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