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Unsatisfactory collection of new and old material. To be sure, the classic ska tunes are wonderful (compiled on CD for the first time) but they sit rather uncomfortably with the later New York stuff. Sound quality on both old and new is disappointingly erratic.

Shenley (Chandley) Duffus died at the end of 2001. His memorial release should have been so much better...

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Chandley Duffus (2004)

Studio One SOCD 2110

How Many More; Why You A Gwan So; Give To Get; Dorene; I Bet You Don't Know; Something On My Mind; Things Ain't Going Right; The Lord Will Make; No More Troubles; Million Dollar Baby; Are You Lonely For Me Baby; Take Head; Border Line; Christopher Columbus; Am Gonna Send You Back; Keep Your Big Mouth Shut