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Bunny Brown (2004)

Studio One SOLP 1116/SOCD 1116

Smiling Faces (Sea Of Love); Trouble Trouble (Love Me Forever); You Can Do It (Party Time); Into The Night; Storybook Children; Oh! What A Shame (Breaking Up); Woman (Stars); Cheaters (It Hurts To Be Alone); Good Times Or Bad; Weh Yuh Deh Suh Long; Break Your Promise; Can We Talk (No Baptism); You; Caribbean Girl; So Good To Me; If I Were A Carpenter; Ready For The World

"New CD release from Coxsone Dodd's Studio One stable is Bunny Brown's 'Ready for the World'. Bunny is Joel Brown, lead singer of well known Jamaican vocal group 'Chosen Few' who recorded extensively with Derrick 'Musical Chariot' Harriot of 'One Stop' and 'Crystal' Records fame.

According to the ever wonderful Louis Gooden's sleeve notes, Bunny has a 7 octave range and recorded this set at Studio One in Jamaica. Backed by Pam Hall and duetting with Pam and Luciano on several tracks, this is a sublime selection of classic Dodd rhythms sung with expertise and marvellous craft.

Frankly, I have tired of a lot of these recent 'do over man' releases from second rate singers and 'has beens' that Clement Seymour has been churning out but this is like a breath of fresh air. So good that you forget the original versions of the tunes and let the 'Chosen One's' become the new standards."

Thanks to Filthy Rich for this review (originally posted on the rec.music.reggae newsgroup). The CD comes with 17 tracks - but only 14 on the vinyl.

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