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Various Artists (2002)

Soul Jazz SJR CD 67

Coconut Rock (Skatalites); Mun-Dun-Gu (Cedric Im Brooks & Sound Dimension); Shockers Rock (TommyMcCook, Richard Ace, The Skatalites & Disco High); Ringo Rock (Soul Vendors); Jericho Skank (Jackie Mittoo & Ernest Ranglin); The People Skanking (New Establishment); Money Generator (Karl Bryan & The Afrokats); Afrikaan Beat (Lester Sterling); Heavy Rock (Sound Dimension); In Cold Blood (Sugar Belly); Heavenless (Don Drummond & The Skatalites); Bugaloo (Soul Bros); Red Blood (Vin Gordon); Push Pull (Pablove Black); Sidewalk Doctor (Jackie Mittoo & Brentford Rockers); Namibia (Liberation Group); Last Call (Brentford Road All Stars); Still Calling (Soul Defenders); Black Up (Karl Bryan & Count Ossie)

The Soul Jazz series just gets better and better. After STUDIO ONE ROCKERS, SOUL, ROOTS and DJs we now get STUDIO ONE SCORCHER INSTRUMENTALS. Just look at that track list! It would cost you a small fortune to buy all those titles on original 7" (if you could even find them, that is). Just about every track is a stone-cold classic.

Stand-out tracks include the 12" discomix of Roland Alphonso's Cleopatra (re-titled Shockers Rock), the New Establishment's version of Alton Ellis' People Keep Quarrelling (The People Skanking), the 12" cut of 'Don Drummond' & The Skatalites' Heavenless, the obscure Jackie Mittoo & The Soul Brothers' Bugaloo, the ultra-rare Red Blood (memorably dubbed as the title track on the BIONIC DUB album), the Jah Shaka dubplate version of the Skatalites' Last Call, and finishing with Karl Bryan & Count Ossie's superb Black Up.

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