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Various Artists (2002)

Soul Jazz SJR CD 58

More Scorcher (Count Machuki); Rock Fort Shock (Prince Francis); Power Version (Dennis Alcapone); Natty Kung Fu (Dillinger); Man Of Creation (Jah Scotchie); Seen Him (Jim Brown); Love In The Arena (Jah Buzz); Street Doctor (Prince Francis); The Answer (Lone Ranger); Crime Don't Pay (Prince Jazzbo); Every Man A Me Brethren (Brigadier Jerry); Version Of Rights (Big Joe); The Big Match (Lone Ranger); Warning (Jah Jesco); Natty Farmyard (Prince Far I); Father And Dread Locks (Charlie Ace and Scorcher)

Another excellent compilation from the Soul Jazz stable, this time concentrating on the art of the toasting vocal - sixteen rock-solid deejay classics from the Brentford Road vaults. Every title is worthy of inclusion (most appearing on CD for the first time), but stand-out tracks must include the two Prince Francis sides, Charlie Ace's Father And Dread Locks, and Prince Jazzbo's superlative Crime Don't Pay.

The comprehensive sleeve notes from Steve Barrow, surprisingly, contain several inaccuracies - More Scorchia features vocal additions from Carey 'Wildman' Johnson, not Count Machuki (who never actually recorded for Studio One), and a couple of the original rhythms are wrongly identified (Steve should have consulted Never Grow Old...).

The CD comes complete with promotional clips from the STUDIO ONE STORY DVD.

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