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Originally released in the late seventies on the Studio One label as STUDIO ONE SHOWCASE VOL.2, this CD reissue adds two extra tracks, Take A Little Love and Going To Zion. The Silvertones title is the real rarity here, previously only available as an obscure 12" discomix, but all the tracks are strong and the compilation makes an excellent companion to STUDIO ONE SHOWCASE VOL.1, released by Heartbeat in March 1999.

Some purists will criticise the syndrum overdubs, but these were present on the original release and were certainly a charactaristic of the seventies 'sound'. Going To Zion dates from the early eighties, when it was released as part of the sublime Music Lab 10" series. Let's hope Heartbeat can persuade Mr Dodd to release a few more of the 10" titles (put together they would surely make a superb double CD compilation...).

Meanwhile I hope that STUDIO ONE SHOWCASE VOL.3 will be following along shortly, along with many more albums inna showcase style.

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Various Artists (2000)

Heartbeat CD HB 225


Cuss Cuss (Lloyd Robinson); Sing A New Song (Peter Brogg); Love Me With All Your Heart (Gaylads); Take A Little Love (Silvertones); Come Running Back (Ken Boothe); My Baby (Martinis); Moments (Arthur Robinson); Going To Zion (Winston Francis)