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Disc 2: And I Love Her (previously unreleased alternate take); Rude Boy; I'm Still Waiting; Ska Jerk; Somewhere To Lay My Head; Wages Of Love Rehearsal (previously unreleased); Wages Of Love; I'm Gonna Put It On (previously unreleased alternate take); Cry To Me; Jailhouse; Sinner Man (previously unreleased alternate take); Who Feels It Knows It; Let Him Go; When The Well Runs Dry; Can't You See; What Am I Supposed To Do; Rolling Stone; Bend Down Low; Freedom Time; Rocking Steady (previously unreleased alternate take)

Exemplary Heartbeat double CD compilation of some of the Wailers' early Studio One singles and album tracks (recorded between 1963 and 1966), including ultra-rare singles Diamond Baby and Where's The Girl For Me, plus many previously unreleased alternative takes of more familiar titles. The 16 page booklet features informative sleeve notes by Roger Steffens and Leroy Pierson, plus early publicity photos of the group. This set was subsequently reissued on CD and vinyl as SIMMER DOWN AT STUDIO ONE (HB 171) and WAILING WAILERS AT STUDIO ONE (HB 172). Absolutely essential...

Bob Marley & The Wailers (2006)

Heartbeat 11661-7819 (2xLP & 2xCD)

CD bonus track: Tell Them Lord

Fifteen years after its first release and this still remains the definitive survey of Bob Marley and the Wailers' ground-breaking recordings at Studio One (see track list above for details of alternative takes). The CD now comes housed in an attractive cardboard slip case, and the extensive sleeve notes (by Roger Steffens and Leroy Pierson on both the CD and vinyl releases) have been updated and amended to reflect the latest information, especially regarding personnel and dates of recording (the first titles now dated as 1964 rather than 1963).

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Bob Marley & The Wailers (1991)

Heartbeat HB111/112


Disc 1: This Train (previously unreleased); Simmer Down; I Am Going Home; Do You Remember; Mr Talkative; Habits; Amen; Go Jimmy Go; Teenager In Love; I Need You; It Hurts To Be Alone (previously unreleased alternate take); True Confession (previously unreleased); Lonesome Feeling; There She Goes; Diamond Baby; Playboy (previously unreleased alternate take); Where's The Girl For Me; Hooligan; One Love; Love And Affection