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Burning Spear (2004)

Heartbeat 164 (LP & CD)

Door Peeper (original single mix); This Race (stereo mix); This Population; Bad To Worst (stereo mix); New Civilization; Pick Up The Pieces; Zion Higher (stereo mix); Swell Headed; Foggy Road; Creation Rebel; Ethiopians Live It Out; Rocking Time (stereo mix); Get Ready; What A Happy Day (stereo mix); Call On You (stereo mix); Free (aka We Are Free); Down By The River (aka Down By The Riverside); Weeping And Wailing (stereo mix); He Prayed; Rocking Time (original single release featuring Clement Dodd)

Heartbeat's Studio One reissue programme has stalled recently, the last release was NICE UP THE DANCE in 2001 (I think). Well, if it has been 3 years, then it has certainly been worth the wait - because here we get a superb compilation of Studio One recordings from the incomparable Burning Spear. Chris Wilson has put a great deal of thought and care into compiling this selection, ably assisted by Leroy Pierson and Joshua Blood (who has transcribed all the lyrics for the informative 20-page booklet), with all the tracks being sourced from master tapes (except for the 'DJ' cut of Rocking Time which is culled from the original 7" vinyl). Presentation throughout is excellent: the card slip case depicts one of the screen-print images that adorned the original release of STUDIO ONE PRESENTS BURNING SPEAR in 1973; the CD itself is a facsimile of the Forward label release of the Creation Rebel single; and the sleeve notes by Chris Wilson give a historical perspective to these landmark recordings.

Also released as a double vinyl LP with 2 additional tracks: He Prayed/Joe Frazier (Part 2) (Burning Spear and Dennis Alcapone), and Rocking Time/Pepper Rock (Burning Spear and Prince Jazzbo).

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