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Dub Specialist (1975)

Studio One SO LP 2224
matrix: (i) CN 2785, (ii) DB 110, (iii) SOLP 2224

Aries Dub (Choice Of Colour); Taurus Dub (Mr Jolly Man); Gemini Dub (Freedom Blues); Cancer Dub (Meditation); Leo Dub (Old Man Say); Virgo Dub (Run Run) // Libra Dub; Scorpio Dub (You've Turned Away); Sagittarius Dub (Mojo Rock Steady); Capricorn Dub (I'm Still In Love With You); Aquarius Dub (Swing Easy); Pisces Dub (Queen Of The Minstrel)

Three issues identified, which can be found in (at least) two different sleeve designs. Although the mixing is sometimes a bit erratic, and the echo effect is occasionally overused, this remains an excellent selection of classic Studio One rhythms - every one a winner.

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