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Dub Specialist (1980)

Studio One SOLP 0133
matrix: SOLP 0133

Nairobi (Every Tongue Shall Tell); Lagos (Jericho Rock); Lusaka (Mad Mad Mad); Dakar (Gates Of Zion); Accra (African Beat) // Luanda (I’ll Be Around); Kampala (Take A Ride); Daressalam (Soulful Music); Lourenco Marques (La La La); Cairo (Hot Milk)

Pressed in Jamaica but distributed through Brooklyn, New York, on the US red & yellow label. Originally issued in a blank sleeve (illustrated above are two standard Studio One 'Dub' sleeves). The last of the dub albums to be released, and possibly the strongest of all. Excellent selection of rhythms that reflects the distinctive 1970s sound of the Studio One 12" discomix.

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